Life is filled with assumptions. For example—you might have assumed I quit writing these newsletters. Not at all. Life has been, well, hectic. However, I do apologize for not getting to writing. I chose to write about an interpersonal topic that can cause conflict or...

OPEN LETTER TO ROOKIE SPOUSE – From Humanizing the Badge

The Police spouse is an endangered species, given stats indicate 75% of Police are divorced – at least one time. In previous posts I’ve mentioned the need to educate each spouse of rookies from the start. Well, Elizabeth at Humanizing the Badge wrote this post that I wanted to share with you.


In assuming the role of a Lodge Chaplain, I thought I’d start a newsletter to discuss issues that are part of the life of a police officer. Coming from service in a fairly large department in Norfolk, VA, I experienced all the trauma, stress, and struggles that plague...

SEMINAR: The Role of Chaplaincy

THE ROLE OF CHAPLAINCY: Understanding the Role and Boundaries Recognizing Good Chaplains ABSTRACT: The Chaplain model has been widely used for decades in the military setting, providing comfort, encouragement, and personal help for war weary warriors in both battle...

Wheaton College, Wheaton IL

I had the pleasure to attend Wheaton College Graduate School after Columbia International University. Going there was family tradition. My father-in-law Herb went there, as did his brother and three of his children. Our most recent Wheaton grad is my daughter, Dr....

Hope & Healing At Hillenglade

For the past few years, we have become close with Jennifer O’Neill, founder of Hope & Healing At Hillenglade. You will remember Jennifer from the many Cosmopolitan Magazine covers she graces as a highly sought after model, or from her roles in many movies. Hear from...

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