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Since 2011, Serve & Protect has been facilitating trauma services for public safety professionals struggling with invisible wounds, emotional scars from traumatic incidents from the job.  To date, we had helped about 5,000 heroes. 

Real solutions for real problems.

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Serve & Protect is a unique cutting edge 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation based in Brentwood TN, reaching Internationally. Since our founding in 2011, we have provided help for almost 5,000 public safety professionals and their families.

We  facilitate trauma services for public safety professionals, locating the right resource to address the real issues they face.  We narrowcast our facilitation locating a resource in their community that takes their insurance and understands their job.  Another uniqueness is our A-Team, dedicated professionals available to serve public safety in crisis.

Our unparalleled 360Care builds on our partnership with Safe Call Now. When they have a residential referral, we offer a Chaplain for the family of the patient, to assist while thy are in treatment. Moreover, we offer the treatment facility our service to locate a local therapist for outpatient care when the first responder returns home, enhancing the continuum of care.

Serve & Protect was founded by former MP and Norfolk Police Detective Robert Michaels, who also serves as Tennessee Fraternal Order of Police State Chaplain, and Chaplain for FBI Memphis Division, Nashville Resident Agency. Michaels is a member of the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, National Center for Crisis Management, Society for Police and Criminal Psychology, and Infraguard. He is an active member and 2nd VP of TN FOP Lodge 41, Morris Heithcock Lodge, Williamson county. He is also the founder of Guns’n’Hoses Bible Fellowship in Brentwood TN. Michaels serves as an adjunct instructor for local agencies in-service training.


It almost seems like a daily occurrence. Facebook posts – OFFICER DOWN. Between Officers shot or stabbed, feloniously assaulted, and those Brothers and Sisters who made the ultimate sacrifice, it has been a violent time against our nations finest. On February 10, 2016 we lost FOUR in that one day, and TWO more in February 11, 2016. In a span of just 7 days we lost 7 Officers. Six of those deaths were by gunfire. In January we lost THREE other officers, TWO by gunfire, one through an accident. (ODMP.ORG).

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Serve & Protect’s mission is to locate and facilitate trauma services for public safety professionals with PTSD symptoms, addictions, or both. Whether residential care or trauma therapists and related services, Serve & Protect works on behalf of the public safety professional to find the right solutions for their real problems. We are the only nationwide organization providing these services. We partner with Safe Call Now who provides our crisis line and facilitates residential care. Serve & Protect facilitates all trauma therapist placements.

We give our clients iron clad confidentiality and personal attention. We believe that both physical health and mental health are core elements to serving those who sacrifice for us daily. Through our Crisis Line, Network of Trauma Therapists, and Chaplain’s Network, we provide collaborative, comprehensive, compassionate, and confidential care 24/7.

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