Meet the Serve & Protect A-Team

Serve & Protect is pleased to introduce our A TEAM, each of us ready to serve those in Public Safety needing help locating real solutions for their real problems


Robert Michaels

Robert Michaels


Robert Michaels M.A., CEO / Founder; Peer Advocate, Educator

• B.S. Columbia International University ’81; Biblical Studies, Pastoral Care

• M.A. Wheaton College Graduate School ’84; Interpersonal Communications, Marketing, Public Relations

• 2017 Recipient of FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award, Memphis Division

• MP, 229th MP Battalion, Virginia Nat’l Guard,

• Norfolk Police Department, Norfolk VA, Patrol, Detective

• American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, National Center for Crisis Management,

• Tennessee FOP State Chaplain,

• FBI Chaplain, Memphis Division

• Adjunct Instructor for Seminars on PTSD, Suicide for Public Safety and CJ

You can contact Rob by email at, or calling 615-224-2424.

Rose Casale

Rose Casale

R.N.; Care Coordinator; Spouse Advocate, Services Facilitator

Rose Casale, R.N.; Trauma Services Manager; Spouse & Peer Advocates, Services Facilitator

RN, BSN, Valparaiso University

• Rose works in out patient surgery and has worked in several areas of medical care

• The wife of a police officer since 2008, Rose is committed to the mental health of all first responders and

their families; experiencing first hand the challenges that families of first responders encounter on a daily

basis. She feels that we cannot allow first responders to be afraid of career ramifications for seeking help,

especially because they put their lives on the line for us everyday.

• Spouses also need to seek healthy ways to deal with the stress and anxiety of the job….the missed

holidays, anxious goodbyes, sleepless nights, emotional distance, lack of communication, work hours that

don’t mesh with most of society, and at times, loneliness. Rose feels that mental health awareness is

important for every member of the first responder family.

Robert Casale M.A.

Robert Casale M.A.

Peer Advocate, Intervention, Educator

Robert Casale M.A.; Peer Advocate, Intervention, Educator

M.A. Adler University Chicago, Mental Health Counseling; President’s list 4.0

• Chicago Police Department, 18 year veteran; Education and Training Division; Crisis Intervention Team

Certified, Peer Support

• Served on the tactical unit and gang suppression team

• Rob is passionate about breaking down the stigma in the community that surrounds mental health and well

being; many first responders do not seek assistance due to fear of being perceived as weak, so they suffer in

silence. He encourages first responders to seek assistance to help them better understand and manage their

stress in positive ways, which helps them to have better family lives, work relationships, job satisfaction and lead

healthier lives.

Dr. Carrie Steiner, Psy.D.

Dr. Carrie Steiner, Psy.D.

Serve & Protect Board Member; Clinical Advisor

Serve & Protect Board Member; Clinical Advisor

• Founder, First Responders Wellness Center, Clinical/Police Psychologist, Forensic Testing, Consultant & Speaker

• Chicago Police Department, 13 year veteran;

• Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Chicago Campus, Psy.D., Forensic Psychology/ clinical psychology

• Adler School of Professional Psychology, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology

• Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, International Association Of Trauma Professionals, EMDR therapist /EMDRIA

• Crisis Intervention Team Officer, and Autism Spectrum Disorder Trainer at the Chicago Police Academy.

National speaker on mental illness and police response. She has worked with U.S. Marshals, theFBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and several other federal, state, and local agencies.

Jennifer Arcuri

Jennifer Arcuri

• Began her career in law enforcement with Pembroke Pines Police Dept. and attended the Institute of Public Safety at Broward College at 21.

• She has held the ranks of Patrol Officer, Detective and Sergeant, working in Road Patrol and the Investigations Bureau/Missing Persons, as well as specialized units such as K-9 and the Crisis Response Team

• In CRT, she dual certified in Crisis/Hostage Negotiations and Critical Incident Stress Debriefing, achieving a Certificate of Specialized Training with the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation and elected as the Regional Training Director for the Florida Association of Hostage Negotiators

• She was recently selected as the Law Enforcement panelist at the Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation’s 2nd Annual Mental Health Symposium.

• Upon retiring in July, 2016, after over 20 years of service, she has begun, again, to teach regularly at the same Police Academy she once attended. As an Adjunct Instructor, she delivers instruction to both Sworn Police and Non-Sworn Police Service Aid recruits, in her areas of expertise

Ronald Jones

Ronald Jones


• Ron was one of our first Serve & Protect Chaplains. For the last few years, he also joined the team of our partner Safe Call Now, first as a Per Advocate, then appointed Vice President where he oversaw the team. He retired from that position in 2017 to spend more time with family.

• Ron executes our 360 plan, facilitating chaplain requests for those asking, as well as for those going into residential care wanting a Chaplain to assist their family while in treatment.

• Retired from West Virginia State Police, Ron is a veteran in law enforcement.

• He serves as Chaplain for FOP Lodge 145 in Florida and remains a Serve & Protect Chaplain.

• Ron is an ordained pastor and a member of the International Conference of Police Chaplains.

Judd Granzow

Judd Granzow


P3 Heroes Fitness and Conditioning Coach

• Founder of P3: Heroes Program; a fitness program for first responders centered on Peace, Power, and Purpose.

A 6-week boot camp / crossfit training program addressing body, mind, and spirit, reflecting the core principles of Serve & Protect.

• Premiere#1 ranked High School QB in CA; player of the year in football and baseball. 18th ranked baseball player in CA, 4th round pick by LA Dodgers.

• All American linebacker, football scholarship player at University of TN; played linebacker ’98-‘2000, member of the UT National Championship Team.

• Founding partner and co-owner, D1 Sports Training, Franklin TN; sold his ownership in 2006.

• 2007, Founder of M.A.D. Sports Training (Make A Difference) and M.A.D. Baseball Academy, and founded Foundation Coaching Men for Tomorrow.

• Successfully trained athletes in NFL, NBA, MLB, Division 1 All-Conference selections, and on occasion, recruits for Navy Seals.

• Judd is an ordained minister, and frequent speaker at Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Outside the Lines, local schools and Churches. He is a mentor of men young and old, incorporating life choices into fitness choices.

Lt. Michael de Jesus, (Ret.)

Lt. Michael de Jesus, (Ret.)

Lt. Michael de Jesus, (Ret.)

• Served 35 years starting in 1980, Dade County, FL.

• Assigned to the Institute of Criminal Justice at Miami Dade Community College as a training advisor, and was

later tasked with restructuring the Field Training Officer program.

• Advanced from the Patrol Division to Street Crimes, Traffic (serving as a Motor Unit, Traffic Homicide

Investigator, and, later, a supervisor), Criminal Investigations Division (CID, which included Burglary and Auto

Theft Crimes) and Vice Intelligence and Narcotics (VIN).

• Served with the Hialeah Fire Department where he achieved certifications in Airborne Rescue, Elevated Victim

Rescue, Hazardous Materials Response and as a Tactical SWAT Medic, which prepared him to begin the SWAT

Medic Program. As a member of the SWAT Team over most of his police career, he also held positions as Team

Leader and Sniper, and was assigned to the Street Tactical Unit. He concluded his career with the Hollywood

Police Department in yet another critical and challenging assignment to Internal Affairs.

Sergeant Donnie Heacox, (Ret.)

Sergeant Donnie Heacox, (Ret.)

U.S. Army Veteran

• Served 20 years in law enforcement, retired from City of Lakeland FL Police.

• Served in the Uniform Patrol Division, Community Oriented Policing Section, Field Training Officer, Gang Liaison

Officer, Uniformed Crime Scene Technician, Patrol Sergeant, Field Training Sergeant, Domestic Abuse

Response Team Sergeant, Certified Crisis Intervention Team Sergeant and served 10 years on the department’s

Dive Team.

• One of only two Field Training Officers selected to serve as a subject matter expert for the Florida Criminal

Justice Standards and Training Commission Police Officer State Certification Exam.

Officer Nick Daugherty

Officer Nick Daugherty

First Responder Financial Planner

Nick Daugherty began his career with the Grand Prairie Police Department in 2003. He spent the first 5 years in patrol working as a beat officer before transferring to the School Resource Officer program where he worked at both high schools, the alternative school, and served on an underage alcohol and drug task force. In 2012 he promoted to the rank of Sergeant where he spent 2 ½ years as a patrol Sergeant, field training supervisor, and fleet coordinator. In 2015 he was transferred to the criminal intelligence unit supervising intelligence, crime analyst, and detectives assigned to the US Marshal’s Fugitive task force and FBI’s regional computer forensic laboratory. He retired in August of 2017 and now serves as a reserve officer for GPPD.

At a young age he did a lot of stupid things with money partaking in “stupid tax” purchases (the art of buying toys that you can’t afford using plastic). Before he knew it he had accumulated over $80,000 in consumer debt, most of which was wrapped up in car stereo equipment and cars. He quickly realized that he needed to educate himself on personal finances and work to get out of hole he dug himself into. He worked overtime to the tune of over 500 hours a year to get out of debt the first year, only to have to do it a second year to get out of debt after not learning his lesson the first time (old habits die hard). He was introduced to the Dave Ramsey show and became an avid believer and supporter of the Total Money Make Over program by Dave Ramsey. He is currently working on “Baby Step #6” and can’t wait to scream out to the world “I’m debt free”!! A graduate and coordinator of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, he is also a certified Dave Ramsey master financial coach* and offers free one-on-one coaching to first responders in financial crisis.

In 2011 he was approached by Grand Prairie Police Chief Dye who wanted to start a revolutionary and progressive training block on financial planning in the Grand Prairie police academy to all incoming recruits. This was later expanded into mandatory training classes for all officers at GPPD. He currently teaches “Building Financial Strength in Police/Firefighter Families” to numerous agencies and police academies across the state of Texas. Utilizing the principles of Dave Ramsey, he has helped hundreds of officer’s work towards a debt free lifestyle and financial freedom. To date almost 2,000 first responders have been through his training.

He is licensed with the State of Texas as a registered investment advisor representative (CRD#6697256) and licensed health and life insurance agent. He additionally has completed classes through Ken Zahn’s Certified Financial Planning professional education program and is working towards becoming a CFP.

He has the heart of a teacher and a passion for teaching first responders and their families how to handle their finances and plan for the future so that officers can move from having to work longer than they have to and giving them the ability to comfortably retire when they want to.




Houston is indeed a Police Officer “Survivor” He has been in Law Enforcement since 2000 where
he began his career working for the Texas Dept. Of Criminal Justice. In 2002 he began his career
as a police officer and graduated the academy in 2003.
He is now Chief of Police with the Fritch Police Department in TX, where I have been for the last
10 years.
On January 6th 2015, I was shot in the face by a 12 gauge shotgun after responding to a
domestic disturbance. I have been thru 14 surgeries and countless trips to the doctors. I have
a desire to pay it forward by offering my experiences of going through extreme trauma.
I am more than another cop that got shot. When I was 11 my oldest sister was murdered. In
2013, while going thru a bad divorce and caring for my dying father, my other sister
committed suicide. God saw me through, however, and I remarried in 2014. I have 3 children
and a Mother who is more than thankful she didn’t lose her last child. God has blessed me!
I am a survivor
My Hope was and is Christ. Exodus 14:14 says The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be
still. In those times when YOU can’t, GOD CAN!

Jennie Hill

Jennie Hill


Jennie has been a friend of Serve & Protect since the start. She spent almost 9
years in law enforcement in the Uniform Patrol Division with a department in
Maryland and both the Uniform Patrol Division and Records unit in a
department in Georgia. She was injured in the line of duty in 2011 and was
eventually forced to resign from her position in 2013. However, she has made a
full recovery and hopes to return to policing in some capacity in the near future.
Her certifications & training include: Crisis Intervention, Forensic Victimology,
Project Lifesaver, Officer Survival, Interviews & Interrogations, and Traumas of
Law Enforcement training through the US Department of Justice. She earned a
Bachelor of Science: Penn State University, Criminal Justice; emphasis in
She worked for years with her local FOP and volunteered for Shop with a Cop, as
well as traveling to Washington, DC during Police Week to help welcome the
families of fallen officers. She received a letter of commendation from the state
FOP President for her efforts.
Jennie is also a full-time mom & enjoys multi-tasking, home life and volunteering
when she can.
She is a current Board Member with OfficerDown.US, a part-time Driver’s Ed
Instructor for the local college and is also a part-time research investigator for a
company based in Washington, DC.
Jennie also hopes to obtain her Chaplain certification and looks forward to the
opportunity of being part of a great organization that gives back to the Thin Blue
Line family where she says her heart will always remain!

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