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Serve & Protect is a cutting edge 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation based in Brentwood TN, reaching Internationally. We serve Law Enforcement, Fire / Rescue / EMS, Dispatch, and Corrections professionals and their families through our unique combination of Crisis Line, Chaplain Alliance, and four Networks of Mental Health Professionals. Serve & Protect was founded by former MP and Norfolk Police Detective Robert Michaels, who also serves as Tennessee Fraternal Order of Police State Chaplain, and Chaplain for FMI Memphis Division, Nashville Resident Agency.

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Serve & Protect is a 501©(3) whose mission is to locate and facilitate trauma services for public safety professionals with PTSD symptoms, addictions, or both. Whether residential care or trauma therapists and related services, Serve & Protect works on behalf of the public safety professional to find the right solutions for their real problems. We are the only nationwide organization providing these services. We partner with Safe Call Now who provides our crisis line and facilitates residential care. Serve & Protect facilitates all trauma therapist placements.

We give our clients iron clad confidentiality and personal attention. We believe that both physical health and mental health are core elements to serving those who sacrifice for us daily. Through our Crisis Line, Network of Trauma Therapists, and Chaplain’s Network, we provide collaborative, comprehensive, compassionate, and confidential care 24/7.

Well produced short film about law enforcement PTSD.

Well produced short film about law enforcement PTSD.


Targeted for Firefighters but applicable to all first responders.

Targeted for Firefighters but applicable to all first responder

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Code 9 - Suicide

Code 9 – Suicide

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Our proven methodology

When calls come in nationwide to our crisis line partner Safe Call Now from public safety professionals looking for trauma services, especially therapists, we go to work locating one in their area that takes their insurance and understands their job – and specializes in trauma therapy. We personally vet EACH therapist for suitability. Sometimes the caller is the public safety professional, sometimes a family member or a peer trying to locate help for the professional.

There is great satisfaction in locating a match. In fact, one therapist said that “Serve & Protect is like

a match.com for those in public safety looking for therapists.” We also locate equine therapy, service dogs, and other alternative solutions.

Our proven model:

Education: in partnership with Safe Call Now and several other partners who travel the country providing seminars and distributing our information, as well as previous clients who want peers to know where they found help – we make every effort to raise awareness that help is available. Another resource is the cadre of public safety professionals / families we have helped who distribute cards to help peers.

Facilitation: through initial contact with a Safe Call Now peer advocate answering the crisis line, callers are assessed for proper solution to their reason for calling. If residential care is needed, Safe Call Now facilitates that process from start to finish. If trauma therapy in the caller’s area is appropriate, Serve & Protect facilitates the proper service and the appropriate level of trauma care.

Restoration: the heartfelt goal for Serve & Protect and our partner Safe Call Now is providing care needed by our heroes with care designed to restore them to duty and their family equipped to face the future together. We work to insure recovery through a well planned aftercare program of trauma therapy.  We provide real solutions for real problems for public safety.

Our unique 360Care Focus provides a completeness that has become our trademark. If a caller to the crisis line is referred to residential care, Serve & Protect is equipped to step in to locate a Chaplain for the family while the spouse is getting treatment. As the first responder approaches release, we work to locate a trauma therapist to help maintain a continuum of care for maximized recovery. In addition, we can locate other services like AA or Celebrate Recovery programs or intensive outpatient programs in their area.

CASE MANAGEMENT Follow up and follow through is  essential in restoration of a client. We provide 360Care from the first contact with our call taker through referral to a therapist in the callers zip code that takes their insurance and practices either EMDR or Rapid Resolution Therapy. If residential care is required, our call taker facilitates it and we provide we provide followthrough by locating a therapist for aftercare. All caller information is contained on our unique Case Management System designed exclusively for Serve & Protect, and is HIPPA compliant.

We are an independent resource working outside of employers, agencies and departments, assuring our clients of complete confidentiality and service based on their needs. REAL SOLUTIONS FOR REAL PROBLEMS.

We address a client’s spiritual and emotional needs through our network of mental health professionals and national network of chaplains, based on the needs of the individual.

STRATEGIC ALLIANCES Through selectively chosen partnerships, beyond those  we have forged with our Rescue Partners Safe Call Now, Mental Health Education Foundation, Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance, and National Police Suicide Foundation, we have assembled a network to provide comprehensive resources to help – our Resource Partners –  just as unique as our first tier. These include Law Enforcement Survival Institute, Angels of America’s FallenSurvivors Network for Air & Surface Medical Transport, Badge of Honor Memorial Foundation, Teen Challenge, Dr. Michael Langston, Noble Heroes, Fallen Blue, Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers, Wives Behind the Badge, National Association of Police Wives, and Wives on Duty. Each of these organizations shares the Serve & Protect commitment to serve our Heroes and their families, each meeting real, tangible needs.

Any criminal justice or emergency service professional or family member that asks for help receives help to regain emotional balance, stability, and hope.

At Serve and Protect our assistance comes from those who know the chaos, trauma and violence that can be part of our clients’ job.


Serve & Protect tackles the problems. We wrestle through the wants, needs, desires, and yes, the pain that can overwhelm our Heroes. Even Heroes want to be safe, to be respected, and to be appreciated. Together we unpack the issues. Sometimes it’s the trauma of the job or the stress of daily living. It may be finances, marriage failure or addictions. It is anything that makes life unmanageable.

We do this in absolute confidentiality, and we see it through to help our Heroes reclaim healthy lives.


The challenge of Criminal Justice and Emergency Services often destroys families and takes lives. We address the issues surrounding emotional wounds.

  • Every 17 hours a law enforcement officer commits suicide. (Dr. Jean G. Larned,Ph.D., Criminal Investigations Instructor; Understanding Police Suicide, Forensic Examiner Magazine Fall 2010)
  • 75 % of officers have been divorced – 87% of firefighters! (Firefighter Nation / Journal of Police Psych)
  • 40 % of first responders are involved in domestic violence (Nat’l Center for Women & Policing / Purple Berets)
  • 85% of first responders and 35% of dispatchers experience some elements of PTSD (Anxiety/Depression Mag.)

Criminal Justice and Emergency Services professionals often resist using Employer Based Assistance, too often resulting in emotional crisis. As an independent service provider, we use time-tested solutions to meet needs, we affiliate with mental health professionals and seasoned first responder Chaplains to deliver results, and we make every reasonable effort to return those we serve to duty.

The emotional well being of those we serve in Criminal Justice and Emergency Services has a direct impact on their performance and on everyone within their sphere of influence.


Serve & Protect was founded in 2011 by Robert Michaels who served both as a MP and also on patrol and detective bureau with Norfolk VA Police. Michaels earned a B.S. from Columbia International University and M.A. from Wheaton College (IL). He is Chaplain for the FBI Memphis Division, Nashville Resident Agency and State Chaplain for the TN Fraternal Order of Police. He is a member of the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and National Center for Crisis Management.


  • Hope Animal Assisted Crisis Response
  • International Conference of Police Chaplains
  • Federation of Fire Chaplains
  • Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers
  • Fellowship of Christian Firefighters
  • Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance
  • National Police Suicide Foundation
  • American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
  • National Center for Crisis Management
  • Fraternal Order of Police
  • Designated VIPS PROGRAM (Volunteers in Police Service) International Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Tennessee Fraternal Order of Police
  • Williamson County TN Morris Heithcock Lodge 41
  • Donate a car and help Serve & Protect!

    Donate a car and help Serve & Protect!

Serve & Protect
  1. I am a retired firefighfter and my team and I just launched the IFPA911 website where you can access savings. andBenefits beyond the job, Uanity around the world. Tell your Friends and other emergen
    y responders about the IFPA911.com and ask local businesses to check us

  2. I am the Chaplain of the Chickaloon Fire Service a totally volunteer & free standing department in Chickaloon, Alaska. I am also a semi-retired behavioral health practitioner who would like to receive information about becoming part of your organization.

  3. Email me some info about you to rob@serveprotect.org, and then call me at 615-224-2424. Perhaps we can speak next week.

  4. I love reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks
    for allowing for me to comment!

  5. John R Desiderato says:

    I am a registered Chaplain and Chaplain of American Legion post 077 in Pittsburgh. Former MP and certified Peace Officer, I’m available to help if you have the need.

  6. M. Andie Jones says:

    Mr. Michaels, I am a wife of a former Marine who is still struggling with things he did while in the Corp. I love him and want to help, so I need resources. Can you assist me with that?

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