Be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12) 615 373 8000 Crisis Line


You have made the first step, looking for answers. Maybe you are tired of feeling that emotional whirling dervish. Can’t sleep. Nightmares. Anger. Recurring thoughts you want to forget. Maybe you started self-medicating with booze or pills. Anything to stop what you feel. Maybe someone at work gave you this website or our number. They care.

We are confidential. The peer advocates who answer the crisis line are active or retired first responders, so we get it. Been there.

We care. Trust us, something that is hard in crisis. something hard for first responders.

We are waiting. Take the most important step. Make the call. You need to know – many have called for help. You are not alone. 

How we can help you.

If you are contemplating suicide, or are in an emotional crisis and need immediate help because of addictions, depression, anger issues, domestic violence, or other significant issues, our 24/7 crisis line is available now, powered by Safe Call Now. When you call, our Safe Call Now Crisis Line partner peer advocates will assess your need and connect you with the appropriate level of care. If residential care is best, they will facilitate that process with one of our care partners. If a trauma therapist in your area is appropriate, the peer advocate will sent your pertinent information to us at Serve & Protect. Our Care Coordinator will facilitate locating someone who takes your insurance, is near you, and understands your job.

When someone in Public Safety goes to work, no one can predict what they will encounter: violence, carnage, abuse, personal injury or loss of life. 

Too often it takes a toll with invisible wounds, emotional scars. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. No different than soldiers. It can result in substance abuse, rage, domestic violence, or too often, suicide.

Serve & Protect and Safe Call Now work to save lives, restore families, educate with options, and preserve dignity and honor.

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